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How Coaching Can Help You to Achieve Your Life Goals

Do you have a life goal that you put aside once you became a wife and mother? Does the thought of reigniting a goal that you down prioritized leave you feeling overwhelmed? Does the thought of balancing the kids, spouse and keeping up the home stop you dead in your tracks? Do you find it hard to believe that you have the ability to reach for your dreams and live the life that you've always wanted?

Lots of accomplished women struggle daily with the feeling that they'll never live up to their full potential. Unfortunately, many of those women will never overcome the mental barriers and anxiety that stops them from attaining their life’s purpose.

The good news is that the biggest barrier isn’t time, money, or family responsibilities. If you’re willing to ask for help and follow the guidance to find your support system, then it’s much more likely that you'll be able to achieve your goals. The first step is to look inside yourself and determine what is missing or incomplete from your life that will make you feel fulfilled.

How Life Coaching Can Benefit

I know you’re wondering what exactly is personal life coaching? Life coaching is a process to guide individuals to set and achieve goals, through several conversations with the life coach to provide mentoring, advice and guidance based on what your personal situation requires in order tp achieve success. During the process, the individual – or group – will be asked several questions to help you examine your life from a new unbiased perspective to expand your self-awareness.

The questions will be straightforward: such as; what activity makes you the happiest or what topic do you love to talk about? More in-depth questions relating to what elements in your life

you desire to improve – the ways you go about accomplishing your work, the amount of and quality of time that you prioritize for your family? Other questions will require more reflection to find the true answers to your heartfelt desires.

The questions and activities are designed to inform the coach to establish which obstacles may lie between you and the ultimate success in realizing your goals. The coaching questions encourage you to focus on your personal fears, challenges and determine whether or not you're truly ready and committed to reaching your stated goals.

Establishing a Plan For Success

Based on the answers to all of the questions asked by the life coach – the coach will guide you to evaluate and reframe the way you approach life, work, and potential obstacles. This process will often require that you are open to think differently when it comes to problem-solving and strategizing how to reframe setbacks in a positive way. You will eventually begin to condition yourself to reach towards goals and have the ability to bypass the challenges that may come up along the way with your newly acquired skills.

Occasionally, the life coach will determine that the individual’s real goals differ from the stated goals. When this occurs, the life coach will help you acknowledge the discrepancy between the stated and real goals. This is a normal occurrence and will enable you to dig deeper into the heart of what you want to accomplish.

In order to help with the conditioning, the life coach teaches you how to use various tools that will increase your accountability. The life coach will work with you to help you overcome any negative self talk and barriers, so you're better aligned to your goals – personal, professional, and even, in many cases, financial.

Reaching goals, like life coaching itself, is a gradual process. As opposed to therapy, a life coach will not work with you to discover the roots and causes of your problems. Instead of looking into the past, the life coach will have you look into the future possibilities. At the end of the coaching process, you will be able to clearly identify your goals and develop the plan, necessary resources and required tools to achieve your life goals.

Final Words

Whether you want to work toward building your own business, advancing your career, striking a balance between work and family, or simply looking for a way of identifying what makes you truly happy, a life coach is your ideal partner, guide and ally.

Please note that the job of the life coach is not to take you from Point A to Point B; rather, the life coach will help you to build and apply the mental tools that you'll need to reach your personal goals on your own and will provide consistent encouragement along the way.

I'm ready when you are to explore your personal path to travelling down the road towards your life journey and destination.

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