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How Women can Increase Self-Control and Live a more Balanced Life

Self-control is an important element that helps us achieve the balance needed to stay both happy and healthy. Remember that the universe doesn't usually hand you your life's desires on a silver platter. Your life journey will have its ups and downs; you will need to be strong, resilient, and flexible to navigate the uncertainties that life throws your way.

“What lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.” -Aristotle

Women who are determined to put in the effort required to create their dream life are more likely to be successful than women who struggle with self-control. This is attributed to the fact that some people need immediate gratification and have difficulty managing their impulses.

I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to guide you towards increasing self-control and building self-discipline into your life.

1. Write down a list of your values and beliefs that are important to you and your family. Keeping your core values in mind can keep you on track.

2. Develop a plan of action before taking action. Plans help minimize the risk of failure. Be sure your action plan includes a plan B that takes into consideration all the unforeseen hurdles you may need to get past.

3. If you’re missing a skill or behavior that is needed for you to reach your goal or accomplish a task, don't ignore your weakness. Embrace that you have room to grow. You have two options: Learn how to do the “thing”, or find someone that already has the skill set and delegate!

4. The removal of temptation makes self-control easier. Avoid environments where temptation requires constant discipline.

5. Break down the goals into simpler steps that I like to call micro-goals. The micro goals are achievable and time-bound tasks that demonstrate progress toward your big goal. When you achieve a micro goal you need to celebrate the win! You will set yourself up for success by having fewer areas that can lead to failure. If you can simplify anything in your life, you will find you need to employ self-control less frequently.

6. Mental and physical health can also improve your ability to develop self-control. A strong-mind and body allow you to have the tools to overcome setbacks and disappointment.

7. Don't forget that there is no such thing as willpower. There are only things that you choose to do and things that you do not choose to do. Ultimately you always have a choice. Self-control means taking action when you need to and know when to hold back and not react at all.

8. Work on improving your self-control every day. By practicing self-control daily, you will learn how to push through all the minor tasks and responsibilities, which will in turn improve your self-control in larger areas of your life. You will be able to experience the change and see your progress as time passes.

9. Remember that you are the only person responsible for the outcome of your life. Learning how to incorporate accountability for your actions, will help you progress through the more major events that will eventually occur on your journey to change.

10. There will be times when motivation will be the only fuel that you need to achieve success. Remind yourself that self-control can deliver the following rewards, and you will find it easier to implement self-control.

Developing these skills and implementing them, will begin to translate into habits that will help improve your life balance. You will have an increased chance of these possible outcomes:

  • Healthier, more fulfilling relationships with friends, family, and outer circle

  • Increased self-esteem, self-love, and self-appreciation.

  • Improved on-the-job performance and rewards.

  • Additional self-control and self-governing, and fewer situations where other people have the opportunity to interfere and decide the outcome of your life.

  • The realization of your "true values", and the things in your life that are important to you to prioritize

  • Improved communication skills

  • Increased productivity

  • Efficiency throughout the day to be able to get more things accomplished

  • Reduced stress, which will lead to a longer, healthier, happier life.

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