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24-Hour Mental Health Vacation

I know the positive benefits that a night away can have on my mental health. No hubby, no kids, no pets, and a bed all to myself equals a good night's sleep. Most importantly, the one or two nights of freedom without any responsibility enables me to focus on self-care without interruptions. I am able to fill my cup and recharge.

Here are 3 mini vacation suggestions that will help restore your mind/body balance.

  1. The Zen Seeker

  2. The Creative

  3. The Outdoor Enthusiast

**I suggest booking a night in a hotel or Airbnb because evicting your entire family can be challenging...unless the grandparents live nearby :-)

The Zen Seeker

This 24-hour vacay is the most challenging of the four. It takes a lot of commitment on your part but will be the most revealing.


  • Technology break for 24 hours (no TV, Radio, computer, or phone)

  • Book a manicure or pedicure - or both!! (yes, guys can do this too, you can thank me later!)

  • Call the local yoga studio and sign up for a free trial - take your first yoga class

  • Go out for dinner and/or brunch with your friends

Movie Madness

  • Watch 3-4 movies in a row that you have on your wishlist

  • You can do this escape with the hubby or a group of friends

  • Pick any theme you want - romance, horror, comedy, favorite actor/actress/director.

  • Do not answer the front door until the takeout arrives - this is the only exception…

  • Take note of what you enjoyed about the movie or have a discussion if you are doing the activity with others.

Ladies of Leisure

  • Get a bunch of your girlfriends together and hunker down at someone's house or rent an air B&B for the weekend.

  • Your goal is to do some or all of the following:

    • Stay up late talking, reminiscing, and joking around

    • Eat your favorite candy

    • Sleep in

    • Shop til you drop

    • Enjoy great food - Plan a menu or potluck that everyone can contribute to

    • Connect with your tribe!


  • Grab a book you’ve wanted to read - read it without interruption from cover to cover.

  • Find a great place to read - the park, a local garden, poolside, or cozied up with your favorite blanket.

  • If you want a connection and the ability to discuss the books you are reading, check out online book clubs or set one up with your book-loving friends or coworkers!

The Creative

Dance, Dance, Dance

  • If you don’t like a late night but still love dancing with the girls, then invite your besties over and get dressed, do your hair and makeup, and much on some great appetizers with a glass of your favorite cocktail. If you prefer a mocktail - try this one (LINK)

  • Hit your favorite club and dance until your tootsies hurt

  • Sleep in the next morning and spend the day in your PJs recuperating.

Beautiful Artiste

  • Visit a local gallery, take time with each painting and absorb the creativity required for each piece of art.

  • On your way home, visit an art supply store and choose an inspirational project to paint, sculpt or draw

  • If you have kids, then include them in the art project and display everyone's work at the end of the day.

The Foodie

  • Sign up for a cooking course and learn some new culinary skills.

  • Explore the local outdoor market and treat yourself to a new ingredient, fruit, or delicacy.

  • If you prefer to consume more than create, enjoy Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a new city. Do your research, read some foodie reviews, and let your appetite be your guide.

The Adventure Seeker

Explore your own city

  • Visit your own backyard with fresh eyes - Make a list of places or activities that you have not visited in the city where you live.

  • Attend local events or festivals

  • Visit the museum, and aquarium or walk the canal

Learn something new

  • Whether its a single-day course or takes place over a few weeks explore:

    • Skydiving

    • Water Skiing

    • Glass-Blowing

    • Pottery

    • Horseback riding

    • Rock climbing

  • Immerse yourself in the pursuit of your new skills as you need a change more than some extra rest.

Into the wilderness

  • Grab a tent, sleeping bag, and enough food for 24 hours and find the nearest campground to explore. (if you are not a camper, many locations have cottages or teepees you can rent)

  • If you forget to pack something, no worries, you can do without for 1 day!

  • Hike during the day, float in the lake, cook over the fire, and soak up the stars in the nighttime sky.

  • Breathe in the fresh air and nature sounds.

Share your favorite mini vacation spot or getaway idea in the comments below to help inspire others to recharge.

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Inhale. Exhale.


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